• Star Agro Marine was launched in 2012 as a wholly owned Sales, Marketing, Logistical and Development operation, for the Star Group and based in Wolverhampton, UK.
  • Star Agro provides full traceability from hatchery to deliver to our customer with key focus on a developing shrimp sector.
  • Star Agro produces and processes Antibiotic Free Products – Star Feast Branded Shrimp, Tailor made processing and packaging design aligned to our customers branding needs, high and low risk shrimp production and a new product line including fresh water shrimp and fishes.
  • Star Agro is providing direct delivery of our seafood products to HoReCa (Hotels, Restaurants, Fast Food outlets & Caterers) segment in UK and is on a path to expand this business further.


Full traceability from feed through to the finished product


4 star BAP accredited and integrated supplier of farmed warm water shrimp and fish


Continuity of quality and supply, sustainability, ethical, environmental best practices


Customer Centricity, Employee Empowerment, Courage & Passion, Trust & Integrity, Social Responsibility


Frozen seafood facilities
supplying sustainable shrimp to the world markets


6 member team headed by Steve Money with 100+ years of cumulative seafood industry experience.

Our Capabilities

Star Feast Brand Products

  • Cooked & Raw PDTO, Cooked & Raw PD, Raw PD Blocks
  • Cooked & Raw HLSO, Cooked & Raw Whole
  • Butterfly, EZ peel, Skewer
  • Marinade, Fresh Water, Black Tiger

Tailor made processing and packaging

  • Tailor made packaging design aligned to customer branding needs
  • Fast, accurate & reliable multi-head weighing machinery permitting a vast array of packaging options

High Risk Shrimp Production

  • State of the Art high risk shrimp production facility
  • A total separation between high & low care production zones

New Product Line

  • Fresh water shrimp
  • Fishes